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Does dynatrace have instruments to create one user action instead 2-3 user actions?

Does Dynatrace have instruments to create one user action instead 2-3 user actions?

We have situation that there are one action – “click on ‘tasks’”. But Dynatrace RUM detects it as 3 user actions. In rare cases it defines right. For Customer it is unacceptable.

It is possible to “merge” 3 actions in one? (JS development kit is not possible to use with custom action). I can see that it takes 2 seconds to display “tasks” on real system. We have 300-400ms In 90% cases, because there are only 1 XHR request in action. Customer wants to see correct timing of action “click on tasks” – 2 seconds.

What can we do in such situation?

We have correct framework settings. (JQuery, ExtJS)

There are three requests ( click on tasks button + update heading + update form)

Dynatrace shows timings for "click on tasks button - simple post request", for update heading, for update form as separate actions. Customer need to have information when all form displayed, not fast post request to update this form.

Thank you.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

There is no configuration to "merge" actions or to define the end of an action. If a user input is triggering XHR requests, these requests are correlated to the user action. As these XHR's (or fetch) calls are very often not directly called with the click we have some time windows for identifying XHR's which belongs to the user input.
We can fine tune some of this settings, but I'm not sure if this would solve your issue. Using our JS API to create a custom action will be the most accurate way.
But in order to analyze this issue, please create a support ticket and explain the situation. If the application can be accessed by our teams, describe a how to reproduce the scenario. If not please upload a fiddler session.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I don't think you will be able to that without modifying the application code and using Dynatrace JS API in your app.

In some cases (just as yours) Dynatrace is not able to determine the end of an action. See docs for details and how to download samples. I think in your case you just need to disable automatic detection of page load end and set it manually using the API.

I'm afraid there is no other way without touching the applications JavaScript code.

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