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Dynatrace - Adobe Analytics integration



We have adobe analytics and Dynatrace used in our program. I went through the Blog post of Adobe Analytics & Dynatrace integration but could not understand the benefit of integration. Can some through some light on this?

  1. Has anyone done this integration and is this really helping the business?
  2. We have our application monitored through onegent for RUM so do we still go with this?
  3. Do we have this integration available in DT demo account so that we can explore and understand the benefit of this?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general this part describes it quite well I think:

Cool parts of integrating Adobe Analytics and Dynatrace

In my opinion, there are three key reasons and use cases for integrating Adobe Analytics and Dynatrace:

  1. Deep, detailed, technical insight on a user session – while Adobe has a lot of analytics available around usage stats, marketing campaigns and more – it’s missing vital experience information like web performance issues, and technical errors such as HTTP or JavaScript errors. But, by capturing the Adobe ID by leveraging Dynatrace User Session Properties you not only get the numbers you need, but you also have the ability to watch a replay of particular user sessions – every transaction, flow and user response.
  1. Get the “WHY” for the exits of users on your conversion track – with Adobe Analytics you are getting the number of people exiting on a conversion step or landing page, which is important because the performance of your website has a huge impact on how users will behave. For example, a slowdown from one second to five seconds in response time can increase the probability of a bounce by 90% (see Search Engine Land, or How Not to Get Lost, for more info). Therefore, by integrating Adobe Analytics and Dynatrace you get a lot more useful insights to tweak and optimize the perfect performance.
  1. Know exactly how to optimize the right things – when implementing Adobe Analytics, you can spend quite a bit of time with the dev team on getting a page name and section structure set up to meet your needs. But since IT uses different solutions, like Dynatrace, out-of-the-box names don’t match. But by integrating the two, Biz and IT can come together and understand the same correlations when they are optimizing a particular application section or page, avoiding confusion and mis-understandings.”

There are some extra metrics that are not collected by default by Dynatrace. Remember DT has some business features that can be used, but it’s not business solution by default. It’s technical tool that can be adapt. But you have multiple things like licenses limitation (for example because of recording XX % of visits), Adaptive traffic control on backend (that may not trace all requests on environment). In such cases business data may not be accurate. Other tools that can be source of extra metrics for business helps you to present as well performance and business data in one place.


Regards, Sebastian

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