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Dynatrace AppMon Vs Dynatrace Managed - Changes in the JavaScript and Mobile Agents Operation


We have a couple of questions regarding the differences between AppMon & Dynatrace (so we can respond certain questions the people at Network and Security of a customer is asking us):

1.- Regarding in how the JavaScript Agent (RUM) works and reports back to a Dynatrace Managed installation: We know that in AppMon we can report back the monitored actions of the Users from their browsers to a specific context (, where we also know that the reported information (the requests) has the name of dynaTraceMonitor; how this change in a Dynatrace Managed installation?

2.- Regarding in how the OneAgent for Mobile (RUM) works and reports back to a Dynatrace Managed installatiob: We know that in AppMon we can configure a specific domain and context where we can report back the information (as long as the target component has an AppMon Agent); also we know that the reported information (the request) also has the name of dynaTraceMonitor (as far I know); how this change in a Dynatrace Managed installation, aside the fact that now we are reporting to a specific Public Security Gateway?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Regarding 1) this is available for each application in the advanced application settings in the section: JavaScript library settings.

Thanks for your response but still something isn't clear for us; the Network team of this customer is saying us that they are receiving requests from different IP with the following form:


where clearly the Environment ID of or environment is present; also, as you have already said, in the “JavaScript library” section of the monitored Applications we configured the "Specify location for JavaScript library file:" and the "Specify path where JavaScript tag should send monitoring data:" as the root "/" of the context of our applications; so we suspect those requests we are receiving are reporting back the RUM data from the users’ Browsers and are the equivalent of the legacy (AppMon) requests; can you confirm this is the expected behavior of the JavaScript Agents so we can instruct the Network team that they shouldn’t be worried by those request?

Hi Alexander, just asking if you can help me with the last commend I added here in this conversation, we don't want to raise a support ticket for this kind of simple questions but we need some advice of people like you who knows better about Dynatrace so we can talk with our costumer and resolver their questions.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Regarding 2) the OneAgent also supports the handling of mobile
beacons. Not yet officially but if it is required we could help you to
enable this in the course of an early access program.

But before
you decide to do this, you should ask yourself if it is necessary.
Sending the beacons to your own web server will definitely have an
impact - you will have to scale your web servers up to handle the
additional beacons.

The better solution would be to set up at
least to security gateways in your own datacenter behind a load balancer
and send the monitoring beacons right there.

Happy to discuss your use-case with you if you need more info.

Best regards,


Thanks for your response, I don't think we would need to report directly to the Web Server/Application Server; but if we run out of options we would probably ask for your help in the near future.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Regarding 2)
The mobile agent beacon sent to the public security gateway in Dynatrace uses 'mbeacon' instead of 'dynaTraceMonitor'. All necessary settings will show up as configuration snippet in the Instrumentation section of the Mobile application settings for a Mobile Application configured in Dynatrace

iOS help:

Thanks for your response, the "mbeacon" info you gave us is very useful, because such name of the requests is not easily found in the documentation (nor is configurable in some place in the interface as far I have looked at); so, thanks for your help.

mbeacon is not configurable and you DO NOT have to manually add it to any clusterURL in the mobile agent configuration as this is done by the agent.

iOS help:

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