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Dynatrace JS not reading eVar value of Adobe Analytics variable


Hi All,

I am working on integrating Dynatrace with Adobe Analytics and the out of the box properties pack is not working for me in one specific case.

I have configured 5 properties, page name, eVar1, eVar2, eVar8 and eVar16. DT is reading all the variable except eVar16 which has error information that we are trying to bring on Dynatrace.

In DT we set this as action property, enabled do not track, data type as String, length set to 100

On Analytics, we checked the expiry level for this level and try with both visit level and time period but it is still not working.

Any advise on this would be helpful.

@Klaus E.

@Thomas Z.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Suresh,
Is there an user action triggered when the errors are being shown?
To be absolutely sure that it gets captured I also suggest using the JS-agent API if possible. That way you can also wrap things into custom actions in case there is no automatic action triggered.


Hi Klaus,

Thanks for your rapid response.

We triggered the error scenario and user action get captured for that, error values captured in Analytics side but not appear in DT. Using the API and define custom actions would require development efforts which is not the option we are thinking at the moment. If this is working for other variables/properties then ideally this should also work. Moreover, analytics is showing data against this variable so I am not sure what we are missing ?

HI Suresh

If the value really exists, we should be capturing it, sounds like the configuration you made was correct.

There are 2 possibilites I can think of:

  • The value is not available, when we are sending the action to the server. Those action properties are captured, when the data is sent to the server, if it is not available at that point, we of course won't be able to capture it. Are you sure that is not the case?
  • Somehow something is wrong with the configuration. We have added an api call to dtrum api that shows you the CURRENT state of the values it is supposed to capture. Basically you run your scenario and then run "dtrum.getAndEvaluateMetaData()" from the devtools. It will return you a list of metadata it captured. It contains the id(irrelevant as it is only used by dynatrace internally), a type(that would be "JavaScript Variable" in your case) and "expression"(the path to the variable) and then the value of this variable. If the variable does not have a value, you will also get a "info" that the variable was null/empty.
    {id: "mdcc3", type: "JavaScript Variable", expression: "navigator.userAgent", value: "Mozilla/5.0 ...."}
    Can you make sure the value you are looking for is actually shown when you call the dtrum api and it actually has the value you are expecting?

If you do not see your values here, please check the configuration again(or post your findings here)
If you can see the correct values there, could you please create a support ticket, present your case(provide a page where this can be reproduced if possible, if this is not possible, please provide a fiddler session) and let them know to forward it to dev(link this thread here)?



Hi Simon,

I followed your steps and below are finding.

  1. The API calls is showing attributes as you mentioned. However, the expected return values is only for page name attribute and other are showing as null or undefined.
  2. On the same page, the adobe analytics variables are returning the expected values when I looked into payload of their JS.
  3. If we take first point the DT should not show any of these eVar values as they are returning null in the api call. However, DT is capturing values against eVar1, and 2 and not for eVar16. I am attached the images below for above point.

due to some error I am not able to attach the images here .

I already created a support ticket SUP-64051 for this. I am not sure if you able to access this.

@Simon S.

The issue has sorted for Web app, the analytics variable was not initialize. once variable is initialized then DT is capturing the data. Moreover, now we are using custom variable defined at application data layer and hold the same information.

Just another query, we need to capture similar information from mobile app. Is there any plugin or something else we can do to capture the information from mobile app.
Analytics has their SDK and Plugin that is capturing the data from mobile app.

Any suggestion on this.



Hi Suresh

I am not working on that topic, but I'll forward your question to the correct person.

mobile agents can be used to report values with manual instrumentation if thats what you need:
* iOS:
* Android:

iOS help:

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