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Dynatrace JS tag not injected/no RUM monitoring for certain users


We noticed that for about 10-15 users the JS tag is not being injected and there is no RUM when they hit an application using Chrome. When they user Chrome incognito mode, everything seems to be working fine. Has anyone experienced similar issues?



Check if users has setup Nofollow flag in browser. If dynatrace settings are set to respect it, this can happen. Dynatrace is deciding about injection of script on webserver side. This is also option about quota limitation of rum injection (no 100%) for huge applications to limit license consumption.


Thanks for the response. I did verify that the nofollow flag is off and the application is not that large (150 users during peak times). I also made sure that I turned off the Dynatrace feature to respect the nofollow flag for now

So you have set up for catching 100% of users sessions?


Yes, we have set up to catch 100% of user sessions

When you clear cookies on regular browser (not incognito mode), does it work?


No, I did try clearing cookies and browser cache. I also compared all other browser settings for that user to my settings and they matched.

Browser switching? Have you any limitation to which browsers or browser versions should dynatrace been injected (application -> edit -> Advanced)?


I did also try difference browsers and confirmed that we do not have setup inject on specific browsers. Digging through it further we noticed that the group policy for the users we are not able to track has some proxy configurations setup that the other users, which we track, does not. I will update this question once I confirm that is the case.

Hi Boban, Was it the proxy config or something else?

It was group policy related. The users in question did not have the right policy pushed. Once the policies were pushed it resolved the issue.


Any chance they are using adblocker such as uBlock origin? In my case uBlock blocked the RUM JS agent in its default configuration.

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@Boban J.: You wrote that the JS tag is not injected - so looking at the html source you are not seeing the JS tag? Injection means: adding the RUM JavaScript code to the html.
The injection is done by the OneAgent on the server side and therefore no AddBlocker or DoNotTrack setting has an impact on the injection.

If the injection was successful and the RUM JS code (tag) is added to the html but no beacon is send back by the browser, than it could be that an AddBlocker is blocking the download of the JS file or the beacon itself.

If the browser has the DoNoTrack feature turned on, the beacon will still be send back to the Dynatrace cluster, but depending on your Dynatrace application configuration, the data will be anonymized or dismissed at the cluster.

@Alexander S.

- Yes, no JS tag in the HTML of the page only for certain users, but it works in incognito mode for those users. We have narrowed it down to a potential group policy issue since the users that are not seeing the JS tag in the HTML do have some proxy configuration in their group policy and the other users do not. I will update this thread once I confirm that is the case.