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Dynatrace Managed Application Shows no data but the same is detected with available data in the test window


Hi Guys,

I have application detection rules configured that are detecting applications with a URL that is present under requests of a detected service but I cannot see any data under Applications page.

Need to know if there is some additional configuration missing.


Himanshu Mor


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It should populate without issue. Ensure that the oneagent (Full Stack with RUM Enabled) is deployed to the servers that serve up that Web UI and ensure the URL is correct. We have found where the data is missing but its due to the URL changed and we were not informed of the change.


Hello @Chad T. , yes the oneagent is deployed and RUM enabled. Also the URL is correct and i am able to see those URLs being captured in Purepaths.

Additionally I have noticed one thing that the default "My Web Application" is not visible under Applications page (not sure why) , should this be a concern?

Are you using management zones? If so, and you are missing bits of data, I would suspect that the "My Web Application" is not included in your MZ Rules.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Are user actions taking place within a browser or instrumented mobile application? If so, have you followed the RUM troubleshooting steps like checking that the RUM JS is injected, that the JS library is downloading successfully and that the RUM beacons are being POSTed successfully?

Hello @Dave M. , thanks for the quick help here. I have not checked every step in the link provided by you but some.

For now , there is zero traffic under all Applications while I can see a lot of Purepaths getting captured under Transactions & Services for the URLs that are configured under Application detection rules. I am expecting atleast some data under Applications as there are PurePaths getting captured(let me know if this is a wrong expectation here).

additionally I can see the default " My Web Application" missing under the Applications page, can this be a reason ?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Are you in a Management Zone? You should be looking with no MZ filter while you troubleshoot, if possible. PurePaths without RUM data is certainly possible if RUM is not applicable or not working for any reason. PurePaths are captured by the OneAgent. RUM data is captured by the JavaScript agent in the browser, and that JavaScript agent has to be downloaded and able to successfully POST a beacon that can reach the cluster.

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