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Dynatrace Managed Mobile UEM ADK info.plist


We are setting up UEM for Mobile in our new Dynatrace Managed environment. We have it set up in our current AppMon Environment, and we are making the necessary changes. My question is we currently have the following configuration for our application...

// dynatrace logging (only two environments for dynatrace)

fileprivatestaticletPreProdBaseUrl_Dynatrace ="https://Preprod Base URL"

fileprivatestaticletProdBaseUrl_Dynatrace = "https://Prod Base URL"

// dynatrace keys

fileprivatestaticletPreProdKey_Dynatrace = "dynatraceKey_PreProd"

fileprivatestaticletProdKey_Dynatrace = "dynatraceKey_Prod"

We do this since we have a PreProd and a Production AppMon Environment. In our new Managed environment we also will have a PreProd and Production environment. Is there a way to configure both in the Info.plist file? How would it know which environment to use?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Don, Can you clarify if you currently have a solution to the issue when using AppMon? If so, then the same solution should work with Managed as the Mobile agent stuff is the same.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

you can only add one cluster url in the Info.plist - If you have different builds for prod/preprod you can use a variable in Info.plist that is replaced at build time with the desired value. If you are using the manual startup API in AppMon to provide different environment URLs than this approach currently does not work for Dynatrace as for Dynatrace there currently is no manual startup API where you can pass other parameters as the ones from the Info.plist (but a more flexible startup API for Dynatrace is currently being designed)

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