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Dynatrace One Agent - User Action Response Times


Is there a way to configure a specific service (primary) to report page response times? For example, there is a user action "Operational Lookup" has a set of services invoked. Items service is the primary service to display the page. Rest of the services on the page are lazy loaded or secondary service requests that update other page attributes. I would like to report the page response time based on primary service "Items" since the page is displayed to the user after sub-second(523 ms). The user action "Operational Lookup" response time is showing 2.32 seconds as if the user did not see the page for 2 seconds but the user saw the page within a second. As you can see in the screenshot, Loyalty points service is a lazy load service which is influencing the response time of the overall user action.





I posted the question to the support team. The engineer response is "unfortunately, configuring specific primary service to display Response time in the UI under waterfall analysis is not available as per our product's current state. You can request this feature by opening an RFE at Our Product Managers will review and make the decision accordingly."

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


This is a case that you could cover with custom user actions. You can trigger via the JavaScript agent API the start and the end of the user action so it fits your needs.
Alternatively we are working on bringing in the W3C user timing standard which will in the future allow you to also define such a primary services timer.

Cheers Klaus

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