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Dynatrace Problem Card: Business Impact Analysis Panel

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Hello, We have been using Dynatrace RUM for lot of our micro apps and there is one thing which I really don't understand is the Business impact analysis panel when Dynatrace opens a problem for my web application.

For example if you look at the attached screenshot where we received a problem with JavaScript error increase in one of the application. How do i analyse the Business impact from this screen?



I have few questions & observations -

  1. It says 7.99k affected users. Does that mean around 8k user sessions are affected? If that is the case then when I click on "see users sessions sample", why it only shows like 300 sessions?
  2. What is the meaning of Affected Entry point services?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @shashank_87, there's a similar question from another user; maybe it will be helpful to answer at least half of your questions about the topic 🙂 

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