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Dynatrace RUM data privacy options


Hi, I am trying to build Dynatrace Real user monitoring for my application and while going through the privacy options I have come across this "Data-collection and opt-in mode" -


I am trying to understand how it works. Is it like we just inject the Javascript snippet into our application and it automatically asks user in the cookie to opt-in or opt-out. Are there any other code changes we have to do for the cookie? 

I've just enabled this option and injected my JavaScript code into my web pages but it doesn't ask or give me any option as a user to select.


From the documentation it looks like we have to additionally run the command dtrum.enable() in the JavaScript code module but how will that opt-in feature comes for the user? Is it by default or we have to implement it?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

i don't think you need to do anything from that aspect as the Dynatrace Oneagent will update the injection parameters and therefore the injection code. :dynaspin:


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