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Dynatrace not capturing user actions from load testing tool.


We are running load test using load runner and this test run on multiple pages & load runner is showing 300 requests,whereas in dynatrace we are not seeing those requests.We are not using one agent to instrument,instead we are doing Manual JS injection on to html pages.

Can someone help us to understand if we run the test from load runner,does dynatrace will capture those user actions.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Deer Tarun,

No OneAgent, no regular service side requests but that is obvious I suppose.

Regarding RUM and user actions two questions that come to my mind:

1) which user-agent/browser does load-runner use, since RUM only captures your Load actions when queried from a browser.

2) how do you manually inject?



Hi Thomas,

What i meant is we manually injected dynatrace JS tag into the web pages.

And when coming to the browser we are using chrome.



Assuming that what @Dave M. asked is a given and you use LoadRunner with e.g. TrueClient (i.e., a browser) then

* have you checked whether the manual RUM injection/insertion actually works when you access it with a browser yourself on your own client?

For instance, when you

  1. Access the page with Chrome.
  2. Open F12.
  3. Go to the "console".
  4. Enter "dtrum".

Do you see second line on my screenshot (i.e., injection working) or the fourth (i.e., injection not working). In short is our JavaScript api available or not?

* If dtrum is available then its not an injection issue but an issue of how LoadRunner accesses/requests your page. I'd then assume not via a browser and therefore there won't be any RUM injection.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Are you using the "TrueClient" functionality of Load Runner? If not, there is no browser and therefore no RUM data will be captured. RUM data is only gathered from a browser and usually there is no browser used with Load Runner scripts (unless TrueClient is used). Also, I am not 100% sure RUM will work if TrueClient is used, just that without it there is no way it can work...

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