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Dynatrace not detecting a failed user action with error 500


Hi All

I've been playing around with my new Dynatrace developper instance and an Easytravel installation to have an idea of what's coming when we decide to migrate from Appmon.

I have enabled the "TavellersOptionBox" problem pattern to get an HTTP 500 on some purchase transactions to challenge Davis's AI problem detection.
I have not had any success yet and discovered that the HTTP 500 do not result in a failed user action. The associated user action is flagged as "statisfied" even if the result is a http 500 error page that can be seen in the purepath (see attached image).

Anyone idea why the user action is not failed as a result of the Http 500 error ?


Action is satisfied not based on http errors but based on apdex. This is related to action duration and javascript errors (this has to be enabled in DT configuration). Even with http error action can be satisfied because error is handled and response is fast. This action is failed on server side and this is correct. But I understand your point. It would be nice to have option to mark actions as frustrated when for example some of XHR's are failing.



Thanks Sebastian,

So Dynatrace considers an http 500 error returned to a users browser as a normal situation as far as user experience is concerned ? The page returned to the user is clearly a problem and the 500 error returned to the browser does not seem to me as normal situation for any application.

Can anyone confirm this ?

I’m afraid that from application point of view this works as I said. There is no category for actions failed because of server error.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Alain,

We are currently working on
a new error analysis. Currently HTTP errors from the frontend server side OneAgent tier are impacting. Also we will add a capturing
technology to the JS-agent so you are independent from the server side agent
and also can see failing request to third parties. In addition you get more fine granular control on which errors are impacting APDEX and which once not.

Stay tuned Klaus


Thanks Klaus,

The documentation seem to contradict this. I'm confused as to how Dynatrace detects such problems at the user action level or even at the service level which is impacted and shows an increase failure rate but did not generate any problems.

How errors and HTTP status codes affect Apdex

  • HTML requests (load actions) that can be correlated with web-request services that return HTTP status codes 4xx or 5xx are also rated as Poor.

You are right - I updated the above message since we can only falg one as best answer.