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Exclude web request from being monitored in user action

Hi guys,

Customer asks if there is a way not to monitor a specific web request within a user action.

i.e. with in a user action there is a call to google maps that customer wants to omit from being monitored, is there a way to do that?





@Yos N. In your Application settings, advanced setup, you can define which IP addresses should or should not be monitored as part of that application. Would this help? Here is the option I am referring to.

Exclude/Include IP addresses from monitoring

Select the checkbox below if the IP addresses are to be included. Leave the checkbox unchecked if they are to be excluded.

Exclude the following IP addresses:

Or, you might be able to use this from the same section:

Exclude XHR requests from monitoring
Specify a regular expression to match all URLs that should be excluded from becoming XHR actions.

Hi Richard,

Exclude IP will help us in places that we do not want to inject the JS agent into.

Exclude XHR will work if we do not want to monitor the entire user action.

What customer is looking for is a way to monitor a user action but not include into monitoring one of the external web requests to google maps in this case, while all the other web requests that belong to this user action will keep being monitor. His point of view is that this web request harm his visually complete of his load action and he is looking or a way to leave the map on the visual space but not count the time its taken to be download with in the user action visually complete timing.



@Yos N. This new feature will likely better suit your needs. Settings/Server-side service monitoring/Deep monitoring/Exclude specific web requests URLs. I believe this came out with version

Exclude useless and noisy web requests from being monitored. These requests are then neither captured, monitored nor alerted upon.

Hi Richard

That will work for the server side

The question is if there is a way to do so for browser side (i.e. RUM)



You can use the advanced options in the application settings to specify a regex pattern to ignore certain XHR requests.

Hi Patrick,

Please see my replay to Richard ....




Allow me to complicate Yos's question: Customer wants to completely ignore the google maps "painting" from his visually complete metric. Personally, I doubt if it is po;ssible but this is really a question for the product dev guys.