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Export JavaScript Errors Details

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi all!

The developing team in my account love all the details that Dynatrace provides of JavaScript Errors and they want to export this information.

Is there a way to do this?




Hi Alonso,

I do not believe this is possible presently. Will definitely make an interesting Request For Enhancement (RFE). The only export available right now is for the User Sessions but that will not give Javascript error details.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Export of JS error details is not available. What is the exact reason for requesting an export. Is it not better that the dev team us the product directly? We will add more features soon like a drill down from a specific js error to the affected users and such drill downs or also comparison features we plan to build will not be available if you just look a the exported details.

The reason why they want to export that data, is because they will like to use that information to assign tasks to its developers.

We have similar requirement. we need capability to create graph and table by variouse substring from Java script error.

it will be great if we can do it in dynatrace else we need feature to export data to splunk and then create dashboard/report.



@AlexanderSommer when this feature will be available.we have a similar requirement we want to send user session error details to other tools splunk & grafana using api,but when we query it is giving only as either javascript error or script error,but not giving actual error detials.our engineering teams want to send all this data to splunk,where they have service logs and it will be easy for them to debug if these errors are also within same system





Hi @Alexander S. is it possible to chart or create alerts based on JavaScript errors/warinings? Thank you