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Finding subrequests for page load


Hopefully this is the right place to ask.

I'm just starting and trying to analyze where time is spent on our web pages.

I know about the "waterfall analysis" view in the UI, I'm looking for the same but in a form I can process programmatically.

I see a table with "action_name" that has things like "Loading of page /foobar" or "/api/foo" which correspond to page loads and XHR requests, respectively. I know that loading the page I'm interested in (say, /foobar) calls a bunch of XHR requests and I'd like to link them to the page load.

1) Are XHR requests triggered as part of a page load present in the data?

2) Is there some column I can use to link these XHR requests back to the page load that triggered them?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Modern web applications don't rely on page loads to change the UI after user input. Instead, each user interaction triggers one or more XHR requests to get the necessary data, thus changing only parts of the UI. When you activate XHR-action support, you add visibility into each kind of user interaction, not just the regular page loads that are captured by default. This option significantly extends visibility in single-page application (SPA) environments built on top of AngularJS, React, or other JavaScript frameworks.

So dynatrace calls out page loads specifically, if you are looking to see the XHR action and the refresh of the screen i recommend using the visually complete, or even DOM Interactive. 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Have you taken a look at USQL. You could also try the sessions API. It might help you in your programmatical approach.

Antonio Sousa

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