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Has anybody implemented Agentless RUM (browser extension) company wide ?The agent can be pushed on Chrome but how can the application specific configuration be replicated to all users remotely ?


I am trying to implement Agentless RUM company wide. We are able to push the plugin to all users using the plugin crx file. But how do we ensure that the relevant application configuration is setup on all users desktops. I have been referring to the following document : , what API is been discussed here ? Can it be used for the above use case ?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Shikha,

Exactly, you need to set this endpoint via the fetchUrl policy. In the UI you find it here:

  • Select Deploy Dynatrace from the navigation menu.
  • Click the Monitor via browser extension button in the "No access to your host?" section

Regarding all the details on how to set a policy in Chrome and deploy to your users have a look at &

If you have any addtional questions, just let me know.

Kind regards, Philipp

Hi Philip,

Do you have the urls/IP address that require by RUM browser extension as workstation, laptop in enterprise or even Kiosk in airport would need to go through Proxy which limit what they are able to surf or load.


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