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How should we create the Elasticsearch index for User session export?



We are testing the User session export for Elasticsearch.

I have noticed that we can download the "elasticsearch_export_sample_mapping.json" from setting screen.


But we have failed to create an index using the JSON.

It seems that the JSON is for an older version of Elasticsearch(6.x?).

And the fields in the JSON is fewer than Dynatrace can export.


I suppose that:

The JSON is just a sample.

So we should create own index from the auto-created index by Elasticsearch.

The JSON does not mean supported fields.

Could you tell me whether my understanding is correct?


Best Regards,
Noah Kobayashi



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You may be right. I’m not sure if this sample mapping was updated since adding for example session and user action properties. Year ago I was using this index with ELK without issue, if you have issue right now you should download sample data from last weeke (there is option on bottom of the same screen in DT) and modify index according to your needs.


Regards, Sebastian

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