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How to Divide Single Page App into Multiple Dynatrace Applications?


We have a single page web app that must be divided logically into multiple applications in Dynatrace.  There is a parent app and multiple child apps, for example: would be one, and would be another.  We’ve configured app detection rules for each app like that.


What we're seeing is when the user navigates from /parent to /parent/child there isn't a page load, so the js agent retains the parent app configuration until a page load occurs, and any actions taken on /parent/child end up within the parent app until that page load occurs.  The same thing occurs when a user navigates from a child app to the parent app, or between child apps.


Is there any way to divide this app with more reliable action assignment while still using automatic injection?  If not, what other methods are available?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

What if you set the application detection rules to be as the following: 


1 - If the URL Matches


2- If the URL Matches


That should do it. Please share the screen shots you have if possible for the application detection. 



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