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How to audit count of Key User Actions?


I have been told that there is an environmental limit of 500 Key User Actions and am trying to find a way to determine what the total number of configured Key User Actions in our environment currently is.

Can somebody tell me how this can be done? I could, of course, use USQL to obtain counts. E.g., "select DISTINCT internalKeyUserActionId from useraction" but this would not necessarily give the actual total since there may be key user actions configured that have not seen traffic in the past 35 days and, hence, will not appear (e.g., older invalid actions that are still flagged as Key User Actions).



If I understand correctly, the 500 limit is for the rules of key user actions, not that it will only collect the first 500 key user action of users. Much like application detection rules, you are limited by the amount of rules defined, not buy the number of user sessions that fall into that rule.

Let me know if you need any additional assistance.


Yes, I understand that. I.e., the 500 limit is, if I understand correctly, the quantity of Key User actions that can be defined in the system... what you are calling rules... But how I can audit the current count is not clear.

At this time, it doesn't appear that we have the ability to do this from the API. I would recommend posting an RFE on this, especially since i heard that it was asked internally a few days ago and the employees aren't supposed to post recommendations so it will be up to us to post them! Here's a link to post to:



I did manage to obtain a total environment count of configured Key User Actions by using the "key user action overview" chart - to do this I had to select each of our configured applications in the chart filter... the chart then told me how many Key User Actions were configured for that applicaiton. This was a rather time consuming process since we have a large number of applicaitons, but it did give me the count. If anyone can suggest an better/quicker way to get that counts please let me know.