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How to capture form validation errors in Dynatrace?


Hi Team,


We got a requirement from our customers to track the form validation errors from the web pages. example:invalid email address, Enter valid mobile number etc..


Could you please help me to configure this in Dynatrace?



You have to enable User Experience Management on your website first, also need to check on your webiste using the developer tools from the browser when you generate the error where the message is located using the inspect feature so you can configure that java script, css tag or html parameter where the error message is located.

Hi wmperez,


Could you help me to enable user experience management?



We have already enabled Real User Monitoring.


@balaganapathi_1  User experience management is the synonym for Real User Monitoring.

For form validations that won't trigger any network requests, you will need to invoke the Dynatrace JS API to push the validation errors to Dynatrace. For more information and examples look in the documentation.

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