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How to configure the data retention period of Session Replay?



According to the documentation, data retention period of session replay is 35 days. And it says that it is configurable per environment, depends on disk size.

Could you tell me how can we change the period?
In the case of Dynatrace Managed, I guess that it is possible in the CMC. Is it correct? And is the case of SaaS?

Noah Kobayashi



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If it will be the same as with other settings, on managed you will change this in CMC. For SaaS you have to contact with dynatrace because there you don't manage your disk space. At least I didn't see such settings anywhere. If you want expand something you have to contact with them and pay for extra quota. The thing you will be able to do I think will be settings on what percentage of sessions, session replay will be recorded. In such case you will be able to control data retention.


Regards, Sebastian


I have another question.

This docs also says data retention of Session Replay depends on disk space.
I think that this means Session Replay data has also maximum limit like the disk quota of PurePaths.

Then what is the data limit for Session Replay in disk space?


I think it depends of disk you have in managed. In SaaS I don't really know. It's beta now so I think everything will clarify in near future.


Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For Dynatrace Managed you can set both the session replay retention in days and the disk storage space per environment in the CMC:

For SaaS you would have to get in touch with your sales representative.

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