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How to deal with reorganization of application rules?


I have been analyzing a situation where I have to transit from a set of Application rules to another. There's a need to analyze how metrics are going to evolve, but the existing framework doesn't facilitate such move:

  • An user-action can only be part of one Application.
  • There is no way to replicate such data in other ways, including namely different environments. Management zones would also not help, I believe.

Other issues of course arise, namely the time-series continuation, licensing, and of course certain "hardwired" data (eg. Dashboards, API calls).

My best bet seems to be a simulation of results with USQL, but it does have some limitations, at least in my case.

So, the question would be, if some of you have gone through this rules transformation issue, and have any inputs that might be helpful?



I think you need to be more specific what you mean by "application rules". If this is only about changes in detection rules (URL/domain name patterns) then I don't see any issues as the detection rules can be changed on the fly via "Settings -> Web and mobile monitoring -> Application detection and RUM -> Application detection rules" without any data loss for metric and application settings.

Yes, they can be changed on the fly. But changing them gives rise to several problems, including the continuity of existing metrics, and how they should be interpreted. Since these are existing KPIs, we have to be careful when changing them. Also, there is no indication that I know of when rules are changed, so that's another issue...

an important thing to note as well, if you change some of the detection rules, it will sometimes create a new application and you have to go back into the settings and actually delete the application not just the rules.


Thanks Chad. It's important to know beforehand that some things like this might occur 😉

Totally understandable as i know it trips some people up. TO see these past defined applications go to Settings> Monitoring>Monitoring Overview and slect applications



@Antonio S. do you have any other outstanding questions?