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How to do RUM Agent automatically injected behave in agentless mode?


Hello team,

Consider a enviroment where the customer has Dynatrace SaaS to monitoring an e-commerce witch uses CDN. Now, customer want to avoid that the signal sent back by RUM agent (that is automatically injected by his webserver) reach the original webserver. He's propose is to use the agent in webserver to inject the code in the pages, download the agent from your CDN and configure the agent to send the signal back straight to Dynatrace SaaS environment. It will be the same approach used for agentless applications but using automatic injection. The target is to reduce the traffic generated by RUM agent when the signal comes back to the webserver.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

This is possible but has to be approved by our DevOps team and PM team or myself.
We can configure an application in that way, that the OneAgent injects the needed RUM JavaScript code, but the RUM signal will be sent back to our own infrastructure.

Please create either a support ticket and reference this question or contact your dynatrace contact.

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