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How to find only frustrated user action names of every user through USQL?


How to find only frustrated user action names of every user through USQL?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Something like:

select name, count(name) from useraction where apdexCategory IS "FRUSTRATED" group by name order by count(name)

This shows you the name of the top occurrences of user actions where they were marked as frustrated.


MY approach is to find "worst" usersession in order to take analysis from "holistic" point of view.

You can built a table using usql to have the "big picture". Base on that add to your dashboard deep dashlet base on usql.

SELECT totalErrorCount, userExperienceScore, * FROM usersession WHERE useraction.application="Your_Application" and userExperienceScore="FRUSTRATED" order by totalErrorCount desc


Thanks for replies.

I have created below query from which am able to pull out all the frustrated users user action. But am not able to pull out only frustrated user actions from those. Is there any solution on below query.

Query :

SELECT userId, userExperienceScore,, useraction.apdexCategory FROM usersession WHERE userExperienceScore IS"FRUSTRATED" AND useraction.serverTime > 12000

userExperienceScore is session level, it takes into account all of the actions in the session so you can end up including the user actions that have the (action level) apdex category of tolerating or satisfied as long as the session itself is classified as having a frustrated (session level) userExperienceScore.

If you only want frustrated actions you need to pull from the useraction table (not the usersession table) and you will filter to apdexCategory (not usersession.userExperienceScore).

That's what my example posted earlier does.

User experience score (session level)

Apdex (action level)

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