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How to include user think time from DEM User Sessions Query


Business users had a use-case with RUM to track duration of each of their users performing a particular set of actions.

For example, track how long in between a user's Login action until Submit action. This is not about tracking individual action response time, but user's behaviour of using the app.

Would it be possible to use User Sessions Query Language to do that?


I have tried to build USQL but I'm not sure how to "minus" the action's startTime to give the exact number of minutes in between two actions.

SELECT usersession.userid, DATETIME(startTime) FROM useraction WHERE name in ("GiveConsentLogin", "SubmitClicked") GROUP BY usersession.userId


Sample result:



Has anyone gotten better results using USQL?



Alternatively, I also thought of using creating custom user action that starts from login to submit button click. This will produce an action duration of minutes, depending on how quickly the user get the end of the process.

Would this be a good alternative? I can think of inaccurate Apdex as a result of long action duration.

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