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How to monitor your application performance when most of the content are cached at CDN and entirely delivered from there


Hi guys,

I have a situation where most of the application pages for my application are cached at CDN (Amazon cloud front) and are entirely delivered from there. How to monitor the response time of those pages and how can I ensure SLA for those pages wouldn't breach as I don't have much control on this.
I have seen an option in dynatrace provider breakdown where we can configure resource provider and lots of out of the box provider list. Not sure what to do with this
I am not very much familiar with CDN concept. Could someone though some light on process to monitor response time for those pages delivered from CDN





Hello Suresh,

Have a look on the below link for the understanding of the 'CDN busy time' and 'CDN content load time' measurements.



FYI this is applicable to AppMon.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If you mean most of your site is served via cached pages on CDN servers, so long as the RUM agent is injected into your pages (done automatically if a supported web technology is detected by OneAgent) then you will have visibility into page loads even if they are cached. Even cached pages should have the RUM agent if they were served even initially by servers with a OneAgent. You should see page loads and any 1st or 3rd party calls from that page.

The provider breakdown is for classifying 1st and 3rd party calls but it doesn't affect whether or not they are monitored/picked up.


@James K. Thanks for the clarification, I will check how this is working and get back to you if any further information required

@James K.

If I load a page in browser I can see JavaScript tag on the pages by looking at source code which are delivered from CDN, also I could see POST call made by ruxit agent after loading the page . Why I am not able to see those user action in dynatrace.
We are using Amazon cloud front as CDN

Also POST call are always a "miss from the cloud front", Do we need to do any configuration change to see those user action in Dynatrace.


That sounds outside of my expertise. I'm not familiar with Cloudwatch or if that could be preventing the RUM data from getting posted back to the cluster, a 200 normally would mean it was successfully sent. Maybe check with support if you don't get any additional help here.