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How to track a transaction or a navigation from one page to another throughout the application delivery chain


Is it possible to track every navigation, button click from one page to another. For instance taking example of an e-commerce application, a user performed login>home>search a product>add to basket>payment>checkout. Can we see this flow in any dashboard like we have service flow. Where I can see what are the different action a user has performed , how much time consumed at each action.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If you use real user monitoring you will get user actions for every click which triggers a page load or an XHR. You can than make some of these user actions which you need for your funnel to key user actions and pin them on your dashboard. For each key user action you will get a bunch of metrics.

But you can also look at particular user sessions and see how your users navigate. For 2018 we have things like a user flow (similar than the service flow but for user sessions) on the roadmap.

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