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Hybrid application just showing native user action not for webview


I have done instrument the Hybrid application with Dynatrace cordova plugin, but when I testing the apps, it just showing native action like loading page when application launched, and for WebView when I test login and some action, it can't showing in dynatrace UI.

Currently I haven't cluster activegate with publicly IP, but I'm using oneagent (IBM HTTP Server) as beacon endpoint.

Is it possible to bypass beacon endpoint for WebView using oneagent (IBM HTTP Server) too like in the AppMon ?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I can answer at least your concerns regarding missing data. I guess you are using IBM Mobile First? This changes your applications drastically. The Agent in the webview will no longer be able to track anything as there are no webrequests anymore. The IBM library is executing them outside of the webview in the native part. This leads to the situation that the mobile agent will report those webrequests, but there are not visible in the session as they are root web requests. Furthermore the webview agent will drop the user action because it doesn't see a web request connected to it.

We are aware of this use case and are actively working on this issue. Nevertheless I can't give you an ETA on this, as iOS is currently making some troubles and is blocking us.

Hi @Matthias H.

Now I have cluster activegate with public IP, and I try to instrument android app with Dynatrace Gradle Plugin. So I have a question regarding instrument the hybrid apps. With my method (Dynatrace Gradle Plugin) is to native only right ? so basically I need to create a web application and place the js inline code to the index.html for monitoring the webview, is it right ?

Currently it is only possible for automatically injected web applications. But the setting for changing the beacon URL should be available soon (for Cordova based web applications) as it is already available in development stage.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

We have tried to instrument Ionic Cordova project with webview as described in ionic-webview-for-cordova the instrumentation with agent from SaaS tenant finished OK


And we can see the agent inserted into the index.html however when running  the APK from Bluestacks emulator we only see information on mobile application.

We have tried to few js snippet modes



but still no data sent to web application.

When looking into the agent we can see report url is sent to /rb_bf57897eki


Is that correct or need to be modify? any other suggestion what is wrong here?

Thanks in advance 




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