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Is it possible to monitor .asmx web service calls in User Sessions?


One of the applications we are monitoring appears to be making web service calls (via .asmx pages) from the end-user browsers. We do not "see" these calls within the RUM data, and we have been unable to tag the user sessions with the user identity information that is present in these .asmx page calls. As far as I can determine, Dynatrace does not have any configuraiton settings that would allow us to "tell" Dynatrace to monitor these web service calls as user actions. Can anyone comment on whether I am missing something and/or whether there are any plans to provide this capability in the future?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If those are web service calls they are not executed from user perspective. They should be visible in services (if you have monitored process which is serving or executing those calls)


Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If those web services are really called from the browser, you should see them in XHR actions. However, in some cases depending on your application, you might not see them as the XHR as they might not fall in user actions detected by Dynatrace directly.

There is an option in the application to capture also XHR calls that are not triggered by a user action. This is done in the application settings (Custom configuration properties, set cux=1) This should capture all XHR requests from the browser. But this might result in many more requests being captured as user actions and you might want to filter the rest, so only those you need would result in user actions.

I'd recommend accessing the application in a browser and see in the developer tools what is actually happening.

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