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​Is the cookie of RUM saved for each domain? And Is there any related settings?



Our customer has restricted rule for the cookies(amount and size) and has concerns about how many cookies Dynatrace stores.

They have some websites monitored by OneAgent and injected the JavaScript of RUM. Each site has each domain. According to the document, it seems that RUM uses 7 cookies.

In this case, could you tell me whether each cookie is saved per domain/host or not? And the behavior can be changed by settings? I’m not saying that we want to change the behavior. I would like to know just whether it is possible or not, and how to do that if it is possible.

Thanks, Noah


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If the RUM tag is injected by a OneAgent the cookies are set to the highest domain level possible "top level domain". For example for "" and "" the cookies will be set to

It can be overwritten per application in the advanced settings --> check for the cookie section.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

For agentless "manual" injected application the cookie is set to the domain and will result in two cookie domains, one for "" and one for "".

But once again the domain can be configured per application.

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