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Is there a way to chart load time of certain resource over time?

Hi guys

Customer asks if there is a way to chart load time, application side, of a certain resource over time.

Any ideas?




As long as your resource is bound to a particular user action, you can see it in the waterfall analysis for a user action and compare your values.

I don't think you can chart the load time now measured from UEM. You can chart the server response time for an individual request (you need to have the request marked as key request), but it's measured on the server-side. There are custom metrics for UEM coming later this year, but I'm not sure if you will be able to define a loading time for a single resource as a metric.

Hi @Julius L.

Thanks for your answer

The problems are:

1. The JS they want to monitor is spread all around their user actions

2. From the water fall analysis for one user action you can get the timing for very short period of time

Any how thanks


Would charting of server-side response for the particular javascript time solve your issue? Or you really need to measure some exact timing on the client?

Customer Asked for load time i.e. client side

I understand. Unfortunately, I don't think this is available at the moment. Maybe a good question for the DEM PM team.

Thanks again @Julius L. for your input and enjoy the rest of the SE workshop `-)