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Is there a way to monitor 3rd party mobile applications (iOS/Android) using Dynatrace SaaS Synthetic?


We are using WorkDay and currently monitoring this 3rd party cloud application using DC Rum, Dynatrace RUM, and Dynatrace Synthetic. We have users who access WorkDay on a mobile device using the WorkDay iOS or Android mobile apps. Is there a way to monitor the mobile experience using Synthetic monitoring?

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I thought Dynatrace was moving away from mobile app testing. They spun off SIGOS and that took the mobile app testing with it to the best of my knowledge (from Keynote).

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There are no tests like the Browser Monitors for native mobile apps.

If it is a progressive web app, you can test it by adjusting the device type and screen resolution/orientation for the synthetic monitor.

For a native mobile app you could use the (soon to be available) HTTP Monitors to at least test the API Endpoints the mobile app is calling.

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

At least for Android (don't know anything about the iOS and can't tryi it), you can instrument a 3rdparty mobile app. Just download the APK and use the auto-instrumentor provided in the Dynatrace Mobile App settings.

But you will have have to load the final APK into mobile device. This will enable you to see user experience metrics from the mobile app.

But this is end user experience from real users. Dynatrace does not have any options to perfrom synthetic checks for mobile apps.

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