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Is there anyway to add a "NOT" equal option on User Session filtering?


On our site we will track you as "anonymous" if you haven't logged in yet, when we review the user session metrics since there is very limited interaction with anyone anonymous we tend to "throw away" that data. When we look at user sessions we can filter by user type etc. but there is no easy way to see all users "not anonymous". I'm wondering if we can do this with some kind of other tagging but we don't want to overwrite the authenticated/ID credientials that enable us to see the user ID's of other users either. Anyone found a way to exclude one ID essentially and see all others?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Good question, I'm missing the NOT operator also for PurePaths. For example filter out PurePaths for a service which are not calling a selected service.

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Hi Alicia,

This feature is being worked on and I believe it should be available soon as it was in development as of September 2017. See link of the Request for Enhancement below.

Hope This Helps


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