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Iterating through User Session query results


I'm trying to iterate through the data set returned by my USQL query, which is greater than 5000 rows. I tried using LIMIT to get the next 5000 rows like LIMIT%205000%2C5000. Apparently I can't do that through the query parameter in the URL though. How am I supposed to iterate through the rest of the user session data not returned by my query?





Any help is appreciated.

Hi Henry,

Reading through the docs it seems to suggest that you can only get 5000 rows whether that's exact data or an extrapolation of it.

In your query response, what's the "extrapolation level" ?

"[extrapolationLevel] Corresponds to the amount of data used to fill the request. If the extrapolationLevel is 1, the response contains exact data. However, depending on your load and the selected timeframe, only a part of the data might be analyzed and the returned data is extrapolated. For example, extrapolationLevel: 4 means that only 1/4 of the data was used to fill your request. Usually this should be sufficient. If you really need exact data, you can split the timeframe into smaller pieces (in this case, 1/4 of the time)."

This seems to suggest you need to make multiple requests, each new one continuing the timeframe from where the last one left off if you are to extract exact data out of the system beyond 5000 rows.

I'm not sure I'm getting this right though, haven't worked with such large datasets yet.

Best regards,