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JavaScript Error Drilldown


We have the situation that some users are facing a javascript error because their id is not registered for a certain service.

The developers asked me if I could provide them a List of users dealing with this issue.

In AppMon I simply would have done a drill-down from the client errors dashlet to the visits dashlet, but how can I get the data in dynatrace? From the java-script error page I have no drill down possibilities.





Hi Gerald,

I will suggest creating an RFE for this as this is a valid use case. If it can possibly be added to the User Sessions as a filter where you can filter sessions by a JavaScript error name similar to what can be done for User action name. I know there are plans to include in the Business Impact Analysis of a problem the users affected and a link to drill-down to see the affected users sessions. I am not sure if this will work for JavaScript error problems though as i have only seen this for User action duration degradation problems. I believe this is available in Managed v144

Hope This Helps


Thanks @Ugochukwu N.

After searching with other terms I found that there is already a RFE for that use case 😉

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