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Maximum limit for Key requests on one service? 100?


It seems there is restriction to add more than hundred key requests for one service.

I have got this message when i was adding 101 request.

Can we add more than 100 key request for service?

Have we any limitations with key user actions?





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It is worth to consider I we are not able to combine some key requests into groups by requests naming rules. If you have the same url with different parameters which makes DT consider it as separate uri, you can change this behavior.

As well adding too much requests as key isn’t good approach.


Regards, Sebastian

Customer have 120-150 different requests. It is not problem for us, not marked all of them. The problem is we need marked key request if we want get data via API. Customer want to see data in internal systems and reports.

In my case i can unmarked some non critical requests, but why we have this limitation? It is not clear for me.

Limitation is because for key request Dynatrace has different way to store data about them. You have different data retention etc. In such case limits are needed for keeping cluster working properly. You have to remember that there are installations with thousands of hosts. In such case, without some limitation it would be easy to break data retention or cluster performance.


Regards, Sebastian

Also key request retention period increases to unlimited timeframe so breaking the cluster would be possibility if we have hundreds of key request for same services or others. 

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