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Missing User Sessions


Hi! We are having a little problem with missing XHR actions in user sessions.

Behaviour is the following: Load of Page -> User click a "login" button -> (re)load of page -> "user event tag" is lunched when it detects the username js variable or an css tag.

But Some time it detect the XHR actions Login buttom and some times don't, It catchs the Load of page and after that the reload of the page and the user tag event. But not the XHR of the login.

Web code haven't been customized for Dynatrace with it's own call's, it's all vanilla but we haven't been able to reproduce on demand the problem... when we tested it, some times it shows, sometimes not.

Does anyone has any idea of what could it be?

ps:- usual suspecs of adblocks, no tracks settings have been check.We even have a Classic Synth in witch the sesssion don't detect the "click" either.


Services Solution Engineer @PowerCloud - Observability/CloudOps Certified / Former SE @Dynatrace.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Can it be that the XHR for the missing action is triggered by a setTimeOut call. If yes have you enabled the setTimeOut event support?

In order to help you better, please create a support ticket so we can take a look at all the details.

Thanks @Alexander S. we didn't had that event support enabled.

We are testing if this keeps happening, if it does i will create a support ticket. Thanks!

Services Solution Engineer @PowerCloud - Observability/CloudOps Certified / Former SE @Dynatrace.

Hi @Alexander S. Sadly after testing a full day we cant get it to work right. For some users work, for others don't. I have open a ticket about the issue. At least for understand the behaviour.

Services Solution Engineer @PowerCloud - Observability/CloudOps Certified / Former SE @Dynatrace.

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