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Mobile App Monitoring configuration



We are on Managed and want to setup Mobile App Monitoring for an iOS app. I'm not sure what endpoint configuration we need in order to communicate with the internal server. Do we need to setup a Cluster AG with public access and set the beacon endpoint towards it or is there any other suggested approach? Would an Environment AG with public access work or it doesn't even make sense?

Also, I'm not clear on how we set the endpoint. I guess it's the beaconUrl key, but what is the exact endpoint needed for it to communicate?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Yes, communication from OneAgent for Mobile is defined via the beaconUrl property. The value shown in the "Instrumentation wizard" page depends on the settings defined via the "Beacon Endpoint" page. By default, the value from the Cluster ActiveGate is used. I assume a error message will be shown, when no Cluster ActiveGate is available and no other option was selected in the "Beacon Endpoint" page.

I'm not an expert on the ActiveGate topic and I don't know all the differences between them. My assumption is that Cluster ActiveGate is the more convenient solution, because the beaconUrl value can be automatically added into the Instrumentation wizard page without additional configuration steps.
In both cases, a public address with a valid certificate will be needed, otherwise OneAgent for Mobile will not be able to establish the communication.

Thanks Thomas for the answer, it clears things a lot.

The target endpoint for the Mobile app is the same as an already monitored web application that has OA installed on the web server. So, we may point the beacon endpoint directly to the web server and hopefully we won't need extra configurations.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Using the instrumented web server is fine too. Just follow these steps and the correct beaconUrl value will be used in the instrumentation wizard.

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