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Mobile App instrumentation


Hello, everyone,
My question is Dynatrace;
Can I apply the Mobile App instrumentation only to a module in the app instead of doing it for the whole mobile app?
I want to monitor only one module in the mobile app.
The reason for this is of course the license status 🙂


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Mustafa,
The module structure is only relevant for the build process. It does not exist within the app. Some features, like crash reporting, are only available on an application basis and it is not possible to limit it to a specific module.
Therefore Dynatrace does not support module-specific auto-instrumentation out of the box. You would have to customize the auto-instrumentation process and/or use manual instrumentation.

We would need more information about your app for a more detailed answer. On which platform(s) is your app published? Are you using a cross platform framework?

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