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Mobile Monitoring

Some of my client told me that he wants to monitor his mobile application in an application but he only wants to monitor that mobile app. He does not want to monitor the app which includes the mobile app. Is there anybody know how to achieve that?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Can you be a bit more specific? Is this a grouping mobile app that includes other mini apps? Which platform (iOS, Android, cross-platform)? This is too general to answer this.

iOS help:

The main app includes mini apps. And we only want to monitor one of mini app but that mini app can include other miniapps. 

Its a cross-platform. 

I really dont know how to be more specific because i am a dynatrace newby.

As you mentioned it being cross-platform it also depends on which technology - something web-based like cordova or flutter or react native,...
But in general such a setup is not really supported for our auto-instrumentation, so if that can be done then only with manual instrumentation. But in general for apps in apps we do not have a working solution.

iOS help:

so you say that i need "manual instrumentation" ? do you have a specific document for that? btw i need to correct myself, it's both ios and android platform, not cross platform as i learn recently. (as i said i am a newby, sorry for wrong directions)

for a specific link we would need to know the kind of cross-platform
* if it is JavaScript based probably the RUM SDK -
* if it is flutter or react native manual instrumentation will probably not work as both plugins rely on iOS/Android agents and they are not designed for nested apps

but as mentioned the app-in-app use-case is something pretty special where I do not yet know of a successful instrumentation

iOS help:

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dynatrace will instrument only the app where you decided to use the oneagent.
As part of the workflow to install Dynatrace, you need to add the oneagent SDK. 
So, if the applications are miniapps inside a main app, you should instrument only the miniapp.
Also you can manually instrument applications.

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