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Monitoring React SPA: missing XHR requests

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Has anybody had much luck with utilizing Dynatrace RUM on a React SPA?  We miss a lot of XHR requests in our waterfall.  Also, I believe because we have an ErrorBoundary component, it causes Dynatrace to miss a lot of JS errors.  Have people had to manually instrument via using the JS library to report errors/XHR requests?


One example of missing XHR Requests from customer logs (clicks on the login button).  We see the user action of clicking the login button and can see the authentication requests in the waterfall (usually).  From there, the customer is redirected to a post-login page in which additional XHR Requests are made. Unfortunately, these XHR Requests are typically missing, probably due to them not being explicitly tied to the click of the button but more tied to the Page Change to post-login.  Page changes don't come with waterfalls.  Just wondering how other clients have dealt with this and avoided having to manually record these actions/errors/etc. via JavaScript.  Would love to have a conversation about having an ideal setup with accurate reporting!


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DynaMight Legend

@jchabot86 were you able to find a solution to this? 


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