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Monitoring USSD Services and Customer Experience


What is the current best attempt of Monitoring USSD Services. We have most clients whose services are accessed by users through their mobile phones via USSD through a telco. I would like to know how best to capture end to end visibility of this. The question is

  1. How best can we monitor USSD Platform and services.  End to end from the customer to the backend service
  2. How do we capture or monitor Customer/User Experience of customers accessing a service through USSD Codes.
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DynaMight Legend

@echwallah were you able to get a solution for this? In terms of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, im not 100% sure if you can monitor it but I would think you could ingest the data into Dynatrace via the API or even have an extension created to grab the data. 


Hi @ChadTurner I have not yet stumbled on a one size fits all solution to this to cater for clients whose customers are engaging their channels via USSD code. Needed to know from the community what the best practice for this would be to provide insights regarding Customer Experience since we cannot inject the agent code on the front end of a Telco Provider USSD Application.

Maybe am thinking Server side / Request Attributes tracking error codes at best from the backend services receiving requests from the USSD Application.

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