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NFS Log Monitoring - Storage area fill

Frequent Guest

Hi !

I would like to clear a doubt that we did not find in the documentation.

Although we configure in a Managed environment the period of days to retain the logs, if the storage area dedicated to NFS is exhausted, what is the behavior of the functionality at this time?

- Will a notification be displayed in the UI console warning of this event or that the area is about to run out?

- With exhaustion, will the functionality stop or will the oldest log files be automatically rotated?

Thank you in advance for the return!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Previously, within the CMC, your blue tile that represents backup will go red. You will also have CMC Event Errors that state the backup failed and provide data as to why. If storage is exhausted then that back up will fail. Granted this was back in 2019 when we tested it, things could have changed by now. 


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