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New / Increase of JS errors when a problem is not ongoing


We think the features that allows to show the increase of JS errors / new js errors compared to the current interval is really useful. Unfortunately it seems this feature is provided only when there is an ongoing problem:

is there a way to get this comparison manually?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dear @Davide D.,

Disclaimer: my answer won't solve your problem but hopefully helps you understand why.

I've learned that one of the Dynatrace notions is to mainly surface relevant problems, cutting the whole exploration as much as possible, to save time and enable our users to focus on their most important tasks (e.g. improve their apps and services). Instead of having to dig through all their data, which today is too much anyways. And yes, we have and want to also provide means to explore but only as much as needed to explain the problems Davis surfaces.

TL;TR: Currently there is no way to also have this without the aforementioned problem context but intentionally and for the reasons mention is not likely to change.



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