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Not getting useful data for Mobile IOS Application using dynatrace add-on for splunk


I setup a Mobile iOS Application on Dynatrace, created an access token with all scopes. 


Then I setup the Dynatrace add-on for Splunk using my account + access token. I also setup all 3 Inputs (Entities, problems and timeseries metrics - all using the "dynatrace" index.)


The dashboard / graphs are populating within Dynatrace for the Mobile app, and I was expecting to get this data in Splunk.


Communication between the Splunk add-on and Dynatrace is working fine, BUT I'm not getting any useful information.


Am I missing something or does the add-on not support this?


The data i'm getting looks like this: 






{"customizedName": "MyApp", "discoveredName": "xxxxxxx-xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx", "displayName": "MyAppp", "endpoint": "applications", "entityId": "MOBILE_APPLICATION-xxxxxxxxxx", "firstSeenTimestamp": 1646142830047, "fromRelationships": {}, "lastSeenTimestamp": 1646719754020, "mobileOsFamily": ["IOS"], "tags": [], "timestamp": 1646719754.02, "toRelationships": {}} 



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@ajkinetic were you able to get anything useful for this? We attempted the connection back in 2020. Splunk basically told us it wasn't really supported since the plugin was so old. We gave it a whirl and were in the same situation as you. The project was ended. 


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