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Page Availability RUM


Hello ,

Can we get the availability of the application according to Pages/PageGroups parts in Rum monitoring on Dynatrace?


I was able to get close to that using Session Query. Is it possible to give the rate and User actions numbers to the perpetrators and show them as a percentage ?
This can be done on an application basis, but what I want is for Pages under Application to give the percentage information like this. However, I could not filter in this way with Page in the Session query section.

Do you have any suggestions or advice on this subject?



Hi @kadirhan 
There are few problems in here.
Let's start with not related to question but extremely important - It seems You don't have Action Naming rules in place - thus every action on different product is considered separate and really hard to work on. 

Second thing is about trying to calculate availability based on injected RUM. If Your page didn't work at all for somebody (unavailable) so did RUM. Thus You are unaware of such and cannot count/calculate them in Your formulas.

Recommended way is using, even simple, synthetic test.

IF You want to avoid creating them You can always create traffic charts for Key User Actions that You can create based in action names. (User Action Naming highly recommended - even required beforehand) And then track sudden drops of traffic.
IF action/page is part of bigger process (wizards/regular click pattern) You can always create FUNNEL chart with preceding  step and current one to quickly notice that plenty people reached previous step, but no-one got to the page You were interested in.
Obviously both of those IFs have their downsides that's why synthetic tests are highly recommended.

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