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Prerequisites to set up mobile application monitoring


What activities can be covered for mobile applications and we can perform a health check through OneAgent.
If above is feasible, what are the details required to perform the activity and help to list out the dependency?
(like OneAgent license, server installation).

Thanks & Regards




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For mobile app monitoring you will have information about performance of user actions and crashes (mostly). You can also use dynatrace SDK to add custom instrumentation of applications (custom actions that for example doesn't effect in any web request). Can you be more precise what are your needs?

Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the response.

Actual requirement is to monitor mobile application(Android/iOS) in Dynatrace one agent. We have to configure agent (one agent) on application and monitor the health of the application(up/down) and the business transactions. Could you please let us know the steps how to deploy agent and start monitoring mobile application?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Everything you need to know is here:

But you have to know that mobile app monitoring is something different thant classical one agent installation. You will not see code execution like on server side. You will see user actions (clicks on UI and corresponding web requests to them). Those WebRequests will be matched with server side (when there OneAgent is deployed). This will give you some performance informations about devices, os versions, internet providers etc. You will also see action duration with response time contributors breakdown.

Regards, Sebastian

Thank you so much for the information


Hi Sangeetha,

mobile apps for real user monitoring is available for managed installation.

You can refer

If you're setting up a Dynatrace Managed deployment, your first step is to obtain a Dynatrace Managed license. Following that, you can install Dynatrace Managed.

Best Regards,

Manish Bachu

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Actually I'm not sure if it is like you said. This topic is suitable for managed installation because managed server does not have to be available from public endpoints. This is why it has to be ActiveGate installed as entry point. For SaaS there is no such issue because server is exposed public. If mobile applications would be only for managed, in saas this option should be grayed out. I've seen couple of environments in SaaS with mobile applications monitored. Not configured by me but working.

Regards, Sebastian


I have a question related to this.

So, for SaaS environments it's not required installing an Active Gate, right?

Could anyone tell me how is the consumption of license in case of mobile apps?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @erh_inetum 

Yep, with SaaS environment you don't need AG for collecting the mobile agents reports.

Regarding consumption check under Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM units) the Real User Monitoring part.





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