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RUM - Is it possible to monitor web page visit duration in a user session?


First of all, I know this has been asked (multiple times) before but it has been a while and I was wondering if we do have the option to do this now.

What I'm trying to accomplish is: After a user fills in a form, a workflow is started on a specific webpage. I'd like to monitor the user's time spent on that specific webpage so I know the duration of the workflow. The wish is to use this as a metric in a chart to visually see how much time the workflow took.

The only thing I see in a user session is the duration of the entire session and how long it took for pages to load. Does anyone know if what I'm trying to accomplish is posssible? Or if there's any alternative solution?

Thanks a lot!



currently it is not, you might try to export the data and make operation in it

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I'm not sure what you pretend to measure exactly. I can see some situations:

  1. The user loads pageA. pageA might launch several XHR requests. User might interact with page selecting some drop-downs, which leads to more XHR requests. Eventually, some click leads to pageB. And what you want to measure is the time it takes from pageA to pageB with all these interactions in the middle, as is the case in a SinglePageApplication.
  2. The user loads pageA. The user grabs a cup of coffee, and after 10 minutes clicks on pageB. And you want to measure the time it takes from pageA to pageB.
  3. The user loads pageA. To complete the workflow, user than loads pageB, pageC and pageD. And you want to measure the time it takes from pageA to pageD.

Is it one of these situations. If not, can you please clarify a little bit more?

Antonio Sousa

Thank you for your reply. The situation I’m talking about is:

User loads pageA and fills in a form.

User then proceeds to pageB where the workflow is started.

Once the workflow is finished, the user presses confirm to go to pageC.

What I’m trying to monitor/measure is how much time a user spent on the workflow page (pageB)

So, the solution for this would be to have the time delay between two load actions. I believe this cannot be done with USQL.

But it does seem it would be a great suggestion for an RFE. If you create it, I will certainly vot for it!

Antonio Sousa

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