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RUM agent unable to connect - Next.js & manually inserting JavaScript tag



Currently, we're migrating all of our front-end applications to Next.js (a React server-side framework). 

My task at hand is setting up Dynatrace, but am not having much luck. We decided to pass on using the OneAgent as regardless of what we set it up for, (Node.js in this case) it was unable to auto-instrument RUM. We're not injecting the Dynatrace RUM agent manually via the JavaScript tag. The initial assets are downloaded successfully but am now getting a 404 when DT attempts a post request against our origin.

I've searched the documentation and engaged live chat, but am still unable to find much context on:
1. how to resolve this issue
2. setting up RUM agent on a server-side based framework

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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