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Remedy9x / User Sessions are anonymous instead of named


I am pretty new with Dynatrace. We have a Use Case with Remedy9 where we use Dynatrace Managed to Monitor User Sessions. Now, all the Useres are "anonymous". Does someone know how to change it to named users? It looks like it does not automaticly detect their names.

For an other Software (Jira/Confluence) i used "User tag" and added an identifier rule "Meta tag" with the meta tag name "ajs-remote-user-fullname". Remedy does not have such Meta Tags in his header.


I found a XHR GET Request that have as "File" the Username in it. In the Request, there is the Username. Can i use a XHR GET Request as "User tag"?


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor


I am not familiar with the Remedy9 application, but have you tried any of the other options for username tagging?

Most use cases can be covered by using a CSS selector if the username is visible within the UI of the web application.

Here is a link to help guide you through setting up a CSS selector if possible:

From looking at remedy application photos on google you may be able to grab the css element of the username from the drop-down menu.

Hope this helps.



I tried to user CSS, but this does not work.


I Would recommend accessing the page where these users are logging in and seeing if their names are displayed at all on the page then capture it with the CSS Selector. Otherwise check out the metadata in the calls to the page from the transactions and services, drill down into the pure path and review the pure path data. If there are any names/user ID's present you can key off of them by creating an attribute, then having the application tag user sessions off of that attribute.

If you are a Dynatrace One Customer, your Rep can help you set this up. if you require additional assistance please let me know.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Did you check css selector in browser? Best option is using chrome dev tools while being on page as signed in. In such case you can pick username and right click “copy selector”. Past this into dynatrace and your rules should work.

If you have OneAgent on this application and you see purepaths, you can create request attribute based on this user name parameter and you will see option to use it later as user tag. This option may be tricky because dynatrace has adaptive traffic control, some purepaths may not be catch so even for signin user you may not have proper tag.

If you have agentless rum monitoring (js pasted into sourcode manually) check what deployment type you have. If JS is served via ActiveGate or dynatrace cdn, your settings will be updated after 1 hour. If you have connected statick snippet, after defining user tag you have replace old one with new one.


Regards, Sebastian

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